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The "storm" or crisis we face may be of a personal, a public health, or even an institutional nature.  What strategies can we use to develop and cultivate resilience? Can we be both prepared and peaceful? (Based on the work of Rev. Tracy Mehr-Muska) (3/8/2020)

How did this artist, a gay Jewish intellectual from Brooklyn, come, through his film and concert scores, to be identified with the Quintessential American music. Was he a “communist”? Did he live in Peekskill? Discover a few “simple gifts” as answers and in listening. (2/23/2020)

Personal reflections by members and friends on the influence of love in their lives. (2/16/2020)

"We affirm and promote journeying towards spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse, multicultural, Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions."  What is the story behind this proposed Principle? What does it require of us? Do we really need another Principle? (2/9/2020)

The 3R’s are a way to increase Focus, Concentration, and Productivity.  They are critical for success in all endeavors including spiritual practice.  Rev. Silverman remained in Japan for almost 14 years and became the first non-Japanese person to become the Abbot of a Zen Temple in Japan. (1/26/2020)

You can't sugar coat it, a more complete telling of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  Beth Woogen presents a service about civil rights activist Rosa Parks. (1/19/2020)

The Social Justice Committee presents thoughts about social justice actions and the concept of allyship vs. charity. (1/12/2020)

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, we take inspiration from the coming of Epiphany, January 6th, which celebrates the manifestation of the divine Christ to the nations. This is symbolized by the story of the wise men who come bearing gifts. In these times, what gifts do we bring to spread light, love, righteousness and justice? What stars guide our journey?  Don't miss out on the Twelfth Night Cake with the hidden beans inside (A French Galette de Rois, or an Italian Panettone?) at our First Sunday of the month potluck  .... who among us will be crowned king or queen for the day? (1/5/2020)

Inspired by the convergence this weekend of Solstice, the first days of Hanukkah, and the approach of Christmas, we'll take a look at appreciating the gifts of light and darkness. (12/22/2019)

Although he died in 1976, folk singer Phil Ochs's songs address moral questions still confronting us today - questions about democracy, dissent, and human decency. One of Ochs's most famous quotes is "In such an ugly time, the true protest is beauty." We explore his music and his message, with help from guest musicians Willie Nininger and Jan Scrugs.  (12/15/2019)

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