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The Love Service, hosted by Dorothy Bouman.  Members of the congregation Erik Brown, Susan Schefflein, Ingrid Smith, Sharron Bouman & Brenda Perry Herrera share a stories about someone they love.


The phenomenon of falling in love, psychological, physiological aspects and examples in music and songs (including the role of Oxytocin).

Where do we get our morality from?  Is it from an ancient text or a broad based consensus? 

The 4th UU's own Social Justice Committee presents it's second service in a series of four services this year.  This service is titled “Talking About Race: The Invisible Line” with personal reflections by Brenda Perry-Herrera, Bill Hart, Erik Brown, Jim Rodriguez and Evelyn Montanez.


Cindy  Davidson, Minister leads the service, "Seeking, Speaking Words of Peace Resolving to use Language that Matters"

The Nininger Family Singers will share classic songs and holiday favorites in this very special musical service.

Mark  Bernstein  –  Can Literature and Art Change Your Life?

Marc Bernstein discusses the impact certain books and works of art have had on him, and invites congregants to talk about similar experiences in their own lives.  

Cindy Davidson, Minister - Waiting for Peace, by Candlelight


David  Thwaite  – 100th  Anniversary  of  Armistice  Day

Stories and memories of WWI in letters written and songs sung.

Forgiveness is Healing

Evelyn  Montanez  -  Forgiveness  is  Healing

Remember when you forgive, you heal. When you let go, you grow... Even when it’s forgiving oneself.

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