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Our Thanksgiving service, the congregation brought bread of any kind that best represented their family or cultural traditions. (11/24/2019)

Members of the Committee on Ministry explain why it exists, what it does and why they choose to serve on the committee. (11/17/2020)

We honor Veterans who have served our country. How do we remain a people who yearn for peace when “Gonna Study War No More” meets truths worth fighting for? How do we care for and love our wounded and heroic warriors? (11/10/2019)

We remember our ancestors and others who have passed on. How have their lives shaped ours? What do we choose to embrace and carry forward? (11/3/2019)

The Social Justice Committee presents personal stories of social justice work our members are involved in, along with thoughts on creating space and balance in order to effectively provide support to causes important to us. (10/27/2019)

In this service Susan will present what she learned when she agreed to write the libretto for an opera about Sybil Ludington, a hero of the American Revolution. How stepping out of our comfort zones and accepting new challenges can lead to spiritual growth. (10/13/2019)

Pam Parker explores historical Unitarian Universalists and their impact on us today. (9/15/2019)


The Love Service, hosted by Dorothy Bouman.  Members of the congregation Erik Brown, Susan Schefflein, Ingrid Smith, Sharron Bouman & Brenda Perry Herrera share a stories about someone they love.


The phenomenon of falling in love, psychological, physiological aspects and examples in music and songs (including the role of Oxytocin).

Where do we get our morality from?  Is it from an ancient text or a broad based consensus? 

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